Lots of trends out therefor this game. Most favor the Panthers.
One trend in particular is that the Steelers traditionally don't do real well against the spread after facing a division opponent and then playing an NFC opponent in their next game.

Maybe its time for that trend to be updated.
Prime example is Baltimore/ Pitt game early in the season when Steelers lost SU to the Ravens in Pittsburgh. The following week they beat Atlanta and blew them out in Pittsburgh as a -3 point home favorite 41-17.

Here we are again after a Baltimore game in which the Steelers won in Baltimore. Now they face another NFC opponent Carolina as a -3 point favorite again.

In my opinion there is only a few things I consider in this game tonight.
1. Who has the better offense?
2. Who has the better defense?
3 What were the points allowed in the last 4 games each team playing tonight?

The edge goes to Pittsburgh. Oh and by the way. Its a little CHILLY tonight. 43 now and supposed to drop to 32 as the night goes on.

Play On; Pittsburgh