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Thread: Trump is a Joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RenoChazz View Post
    I don't like Trump as a guy. Think he's petty thinned skinned and says a lot of things that are factually untrue. But as President I like what's happening, especially with the economy. Also like the judges he picks. Goruch is great. Kavanaugh I'm a little worried about because I know that he helped author the patriot act, but I think he's learned from that mistake once he saw how it could be abused under Obama.
    This all day long. I ain't having a beer with the guy but he's doing a PFG job as POTUS. The days of putting principle before personality are long gone.
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    I'm all about policy policy policy, and I've said on numerous occasions that Trump is a dream come true.

    Repealing regulations
    Lowering taxes
    Improving business environment
    Does NOT believe driving electric vehicles is going to stop 2 billion years of climate change (the deniers are those who think they're going to stop climate change)
    Treating exporters of terrorism like exporters of terrorism
    Playing hardball and bringing NK to the negotiating table
    Ridding ourselves of one sided trade deals (this wish may be the oldest, going back to my teenage years)
    Making America First, and all Americans too
    Tapping our own energy sources, which helps to lower prices, increase security and CREATE JOBS
    Securing the border, building the wall

    And even wanting to normalize millions of people here illegally, making DACA permanent. In a break from many people on the right, I don't want to deport 12 million people and I don't think that's even remotely plausible. But we can't have immigration reform until after we secure the borders. Not sure how anyone who supports immigration reform doesn't see we have to secure the borders first. Unless you're an advocate for completely open borders, which I'm not.

    Bringing back jobs the democrats said "ARE NOT COMING BACK", although they take credit for them coming back nowadays

    Trump works works works everyday on real policy that benefits Americans.

    And all of that Trumps >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> anything he may have tweeted

    "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter". "A rising tide raises all boats". "MAGA"
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    Trump is a joke? That's stating the obvious.

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