Judge Victor Manuel Orozco from the Labor Court of the Second Judiciary Circuit of San Jose declared the labor strike of employees at the Judicial Branch legal.
Judge Orozco considered that there were not enough proofs that the strike indeed affected an essential public service, he also considered that the strike was carried out in a peaceful manner.

As with all the other sentences, now there are three days to present an appeal, which, in this case must be presented by the Attorney General of the Republic (Procuraduría General).
Last week appeals to the declaration of illegality of the strike that affected the state refinery, the children welfare services and the Aqueduct and Sewers Institute, were resolved in favor of the labor unions, considering the movements legal.
The labor union strike began back in September 10 and today only some employees from the education sector still remain on strike. The Costa Rican Judicial Association (AVOJUD) called on its members to join the labor strike back on September 22, to protest the fiscal plan since they consider it “weakens judicial security of the structure of the judges’ salaries”.