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Thread: New To Site have some questions if anyone could help!

  1. #1 New To Site have some questions if anyone could help! 
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    Good evening new to the site glad to have joined. I have been following some Cappers and very inconsistent. I have no problem paying for a good legit service. Who are some of the Cappers to follow on this forum and who do you recommend as a good legit paid service?
    Below is a list of some paid Cappers I was told about please give your thoughts. How is Dr. Bob?

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

    Jeff Hochman: 204-130 (61.1%) since Nov of 2011
    Jeff Alexander: 319-228 (58.3%) since Sep of 2013
    Zack Cimini: 132-84 (61.1%) since Dec of 2014

    Kyle Hunter Totals: 502-381 (56.9%) since Nov of 2009
    Jack Jones: 547-420 (56.6%) since Oct of 2012
    Rob Vinciletti: 424-321 (56.9%) since Sep of 2014

    Mr. East Totals: 841-655 (56.2%) since Jan of 2009
    Alex Smart: 465-354 (56.8%) since Dec of 2016
    Jack Jones: 891-727 (55.1%) since Feb of 2012

    Bryan Power: 288-196 (59.5%) since Mar of 2016
    Teddy Davis: 493-365 (57.5%) since Jan 2016
    John Martin: 594-479 (55.4%) since Dec of 2015

    Jeff Hochman: 185-119 (+5,032) since June of 2012
    Matt Fargo: 359-222 (+5,458) since Dec of 2015
    Rocky Atkinson: 391-372 (+4,477) since Oct of 2008
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    Most will advise not to pay for plays.

    I will move this to the service plays forum so others can chime in.
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    Bryan Power of power sports is awesome .
    Make O'Kane Great Again !
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