The joint patrol operations of the Costa Rican Coast Guard Service and the USA Coast Guard Service resulted in the arrest of four people who were transporting 1.5 tons of cocaine aboard a vessel intercepted 53 nautical miles from Punta Burica in the South Zone.
The vessel of name ¨Miriam V¨ plates P-13283, was intercepted by the United States Coast Guard Services and during the inspection they found 70 bags hidden ¨between the vertical structures that divided the compartments¨.
The ship was taken to the port of Golfito in Puntarenas, where the Drug Control Police of the Ministry of Security counted 70 bags containing 1500 packets each weighing close to 1 kilogram each.

Three of the men detained are Costa Rican, the fourth one is a Nicaraguan.
“We have a strategic alliance with the United States government to carry out joined patrolling operations in the Pacific Ocean, this since it is known that the entire Pacific coast, is used by criminal organizations to traffic drugs to North America”, explained Michael Soto, Minister of Public Security.
So far this year the Ministry of Security alone has seized almost 25 tons of cocaine.