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By the year 2026 or sooner, avg age of Senate will drop under 60 and House into low 50s

Almost all of your (and my) boogeymen and women currently aged 65+ in the US Congress will have retired or been replaced by men and women currently aged 28-53

The days of befuddled old white men holding hearings with Facebook and Google execs while puzzling over how Instagram operates will be almost a distant, rueful memory
you would have posted the exact same thing 7 years ago and been completely wrong. if you can't see that these fossils...mccain, byrd, pelosi, ginsburg, waters, scalia...hold onto power until the sweet scent of death greets them then I'm not sure what you're missing. There is no reason to think that today's 60-65 year olds, Johnson included, won't do the exact same thing as their predecessors.

even scarier than having a 80YO deciding legislation is a 29YO waitress but that's for a different thread. This one's dedicated to jew-hating guam tippers and his aging political heroes