The Costa Rican Judiciry Investigative Police (OIJ) have raised the alert for international arrest of the woman nicknamed “la Reina del Sur” (Queen of the South), Cristel Gómez Espinoza, the last person related to the criminal organization related to Irving Alejandro Guido Toruño, “El Gringo” .

The director of OIJ, Walter Espinoza, confirmed the information, and explained that that 23 year-old woman is a native of the area of La Cuesta de Corredores in the south zone of Costa Rica, and was the person in charge of delivering the drugs,

“We have coordinated with international police through Interpol. We maintain all the corresponding alerts to find her as soon as possible”,
commented Espinoza, who, also explained that because of the area where the woman lived (near the Panama boarder) she could have left to Panamanian territory.
This woman is the last suspect in this case, in total the police arrested 56 people in connection to this criminal organization. “El Gringo” turned up dead in December 2017, he led the group and was suspected of at least 10 murders.