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Thread: I really hate TV add that are just 100 percent blatant lies !

  1. #1 I really hate TV add that are just 100 percent blatant lies ! 
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    None are enslaved more than those who falsely believe they are free !
    The worst offender is " the free Tv key "
    They are in a boat on the gulf of Mexico, and get a lot of channels, imagine what you'll get if we get this here?

    Problem is they picked the best possible place in
    the USA to receive a signal,and portray it as the worst ! They are likely 5 miles offshore of Tampa or similar coastal city

    The simple fact is you need the clear line of sight to the towers . Shit like trees, buildings, being a fee miles offshore is as ideal as it gets !
    Another reason this version of their product has to suck is that just about the most important thing about using an indoor antenna is the ability to move it around, can't do that at all with the antenna stuck in tv input jack !

    Moving that antenna to find the sweet spot is critically important ! , Ideally place the TV between 2 windows facing different directions
    It requires significant to find the right locations, and rescan channels as often as several times a day, it often will bring back a channel that starts poorly
    The bottom line is that you need the patientce to tweak it just right, the weather conditions fuck it all up again !

    You have to readjust settings very often as in rescan channels
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    All valid points.

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