Hello All,

This is an absolute first for me so I'm nervous yet excited and hope that this intro is appropriate for the forum.

Working entirely on my own for the past 16 years, I joined today in the hopes of sharing what I've learned with bettors more experienced and smarter than I in an effort to become a more successful sports bettor.

I've collected and analyzed in several excel databases, over 30,000 individual games (hockey, basketball, football, and baseball) dating back to 2006, focusing exclusively on moneyline movement. For example, one strategy involves betting the dog in games in which the favorite becomes more expensive (and consequently the dog less so). The play is made on the dog at or near the break even point,the point after which early favorite bettors begin to bet the dog (take the other side) in order to take advantage of a no risk wager (if the favorite wins they break even, if the dog wins, they make a profit). For this play, I have 2800 specific games that meet this criteria. Statistical analysis of this sample indicates a profit rate of 5.3 units per 100 wagers with a 95% confidence interval.

I would love to find a way to interact with other serious sportsbettors who have had success focusing upon other strategies. Perhaps a combination of two or more strategies might produce something more powerful than any one strategy alone. Any suggestions on how I might appropriately reach out to others interested in the same? Are there meetups or telephone forums where this takes place?

Thank you all so much for hearing me out!