Brooks blew up at The Masters? how so?

he TRAILED into the final round by 3 shots. He needed to post a good score. He shot -1 on the front side, parred the difficult 10 and 11 and on the tee at 12. Sunday's traditional pin placement. Little room for error, a gust of wind can send itno Rae's creek. He went AT IT, short , water. Was he to play safe and aim over the bunker onto the middle of the green ? dunno, he felt he needed to be aggressive. HOW DID HE RESPOND after this? BOMB DRIVE at 13, that left him with what couldnt have been more than an 8 iron.... to a front pin placement with water ready to eat anything short; to 9 feet, EAGLE. Birdied 15.....he lost to Woods by one. And lets not forget the MASSIVE break Woods got at 13 as he overcooked his drive, headed OB hits a tree and middle of the fairway; he birded the hole, lol.

Brooks didnt blow up Sunday at Augusta...he did on the last 8 holes at Bethpage: +5 for the last 8 holes. He was HANGING ON.