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Thread: Vaping in Costa Rica: All You Need to Know

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    If you are a fan of vaping that is traveling to Costa Rica for the first time, you definitely want to know whether you are allowed to vape while there. Like most countries, Costa Rica prohibits smoking in public places. Cigarettesí taxes have also been increased by the day. This can make you think that Costa Rica is an ideal place to go on vacation while you enjoy an awesome vaping experience. However, there are regulations about vaping in Costa Rica that you should know before you arrive and start to vape in this country.
    Vaping is Not Strictly Illegal in Costa Rica
    Although vaping is not given a welcoming view in Costa Rica, itís not strictly illegal. Law enforcers may not welcome the idea but most of them will let you get away with the act. The vaping industry is booming in the United States. And though vaping is not strictly illegal in Costa Rica, you may have a hard time finding a legit distributor of vape products in some places.
    As such, when going to Costa Rica, carry everything you will need to vape while there. Most importantly, disassemble everything while traveling. Additionally, use your personal best vaporizer in non-public places with proper ventilation.
    Marijuana is Not Illegal in Costa Rica
    Personal vaporizer Personal use of marijuana was legalized by the Costa Rican government in 2016. But, the problem unfolds with the narcotics decriminalization law in Costa Rica. This reveals itself under Law 8204. This law forbids the big scale production and sale of marijuana. Additionally, the law prohibits individuals from carrying any amount of marijuana in public.
    Nevertheless, the Ďsmall doseí quantity is not specifically defined by this law. It also does not explicitly state whether growing marijuana for personal use is prohibited. As such, some people use such loopholes in this law to argue for or to support the use of marijuana in Costa Rica.
    There are Heavy Sanctions on Tobacco and Related Products
    Vaping may not be prohibited in Costa Rica. However, distribution, sale, advertising, and marketing of tobacco and related products face heavy sanctions. In addition to facing higher prices and fines, manufacturers are required to include warning labels on their packaging. The labels should occupy a minimum of 50% of the productsí external packaging.
    However, the vaping industry is not properly regulated. Therefore, meeting some of these conditions is almost impossible. Thatís why you should be keen to invest in the best portable vaporizer that you can carry anywhere you go. If you decide to buy vaping products in Costa Rica, make sure that you find a legal vendor to ensure the quality of your products.
    You May Be Required to Explain Yourself
    Marijuana Cultivation Most law enforcers and citizens of Costa Rica view vaping with the mentality that, just because it can be done, doesnít mean you have to do it. That means you are likely to be asked questions. As such, be ready to explain vaping and then move on. Avoid being overly conspicuous about vaping.
    Costa Rica law is very specific about vaping in public places. It prohibits vaping in restaurants, bars, workplaces, bus stops, and clubs. Though you wonít be detained for vaping in these places, you will face vocal resistance from individuals that might not be familiar with vaping.
    Be Prepared
    Perhaps, the best tip for any vaper that is going to Costa Rica for the first time is to get prepared. Take time to familiarize with vaping and smoking laws in Costa Rica. Essentially, e-liquids and e-cigs have the same regulations with tobacco products. As such, vaping is allowed where smoking is allowed.
    Itís also important that you know the vaping accessories and products that you carry. Remember that you might have difficulties finding legit manufacturers or vendors of vaping products in some parts of Costa Rica. Therefore, prepare accordingly. Whatís more, carry extra parts like batteries and coils. Thatís because you may have difficulties finding a store where you can purchase them. But most importantly, keep your e-juice separate. Also, carry e-juice that will last you throughout the trip because you might have difficulties finding a place where you can refill during your vacation.
    Portable Devices are the Best
    Most consumers think that people exaggerate about marijuana side-effects When going on vacation to Costa Rica, itís advisable to carry a portable vaporizer. This can be a pen vaporizer or a pocket vaporizer. A pocket vape is a great option for you if you want to enjoy a bigger smoke cloud than you get with an e-cig. And, just like the name suggests, you can carry this device comfortably in your pocket anywhere you go.
    A pen vaporizer looks like a pen. It is typically made of a battery and an atomizer. You can easily buy a pen vaporizer via the website of a trustworthy and licensed vendor. Either of these devices is ideal for any vaper going to Costa Rica because it can be used even in remote destinations.
    You Can Find Vape Shops in Some Places
    This may sound contradictory but it is not. Though you may have a hard time finding a vape shop in some places in Costa Rica, there are places where you will find several shops. For instance, all major cities have vape shops. These include San Jose, San Ramon, Limon, Liberia, Guapiles, Perez Zeledon, Heredia, Cartago, Turrialba, and Alajuela. Therefore, if you are traveling to these places, you donít have to worry about running out of vaping supplies. Simply find a reputable vendor in your destination to buy atomizers, e-cigs, mods, or even batteries.
    The Bottom Line
    Essential oils of Cannabis have a great variety of health benefits Just like other countries, Costa Rica has a very strict outlook on smoking and the associated health risks. However, vaping has been excluded in some of the strict measures taken against smoking. But, to enjoy your stay in Costa Rica, prepare accordingly. Carry what you need to enjoy every minute of your trip to Costa Rica. Also, disassemble and package everything you need to vape. Be ready to explain yourself as you go through customs. Also, be good to people that may not know much about vaping and the associated accessories. Whatís more, stand out when vaping by using a great portable vaporizer away from the crowd. That way, nobody will bother you.
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