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Thread: Memorial Weekend Formula1 - Monaco Grand Prix

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    God bless those who have given their Service and those have given their lives to offer us the rest of Freedom. Recognize these great people!

    Well, not sure what happened as I wrote a post about the Monaco GP before I went to bed and thought I posted, but apparently something happened. I'll wager it was User error.

    Nonetheless, I did not have any plays on the race. It is so hard to pass here and the match-up prices were absurd. As were all of the other prices. I thought about playing value on several underdogs with the potential for rain today but decided against that strategy. I have been burned by the Meteorologist in Monaco before predicting rain, and it never seems to come to fruition. Today they said there was upwards of a 90% chance. I did not bite, and here we are on lap 31 of 78 and is still dry.

    I was going to bet qualifying but did not, unfortunately. I could have had Lewis Hamilton at a third of his race day prices (once he won the pole it was ridiculous) and Vettel at about a fifth of his prices today. Ferrari continues to self destruct as they screwed hometown kid Leclerc and almost screwed Vettel too in qualifying because they misjudged the time left in Q1 qualifying. Ferrari has quickly become Mercedes little bitch in 2019 and Red Bull is about to surpass the once proud King.

    No idea what is going on at Ferrari, but it is a dumpster fire. Leclerc began 16th on the grid and already retired. He drove like a bat out of hell and picked up a few spots before he clipped his back right wheel into a wall. As the tire began to shred he never slowed down and it shredded the carbon fiber of the chassis. I think it was Go Fuck Yourselves to the team.

    Thank you to those who have served and are serving our Country. The ultimate sacrifice for Freedom and Democracy.

    God Bless America and the Free World!
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    Amen to those final thoughts Mosi!
    Understand others, don't blame them.
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