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Thread: June 2019 MLB Monthly Contest (Picks & Standings Thread)

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    Congrats Zap, ftk, and cloverleaf. Another good contest going right down to the wire. Great job, guys.

    JOH and LTFL, thanks for your contributions to make the contests run smoothly and professionally.

    Always enjoy even if my picks stink the contest up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zapster View Post
    I have tried to PM twice and it doesn't seem to go through, so I will have to do this in a post. Please send $700 to via P-Pal.... take $220 for the entry fees for August and September and divide the remain $80 between yourself and JOH. Thanks to both of you for running some amazing contests !!
    Thank you Zap & ftkl. See you guys in month 8
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