These are the rules. This is a weekly contest. You can email me at once submitting your picks or to stay on this mailing list.

Entry: $6
-You will put your entry name and then make your 6 selections. If you pick 5 or 7, that entry is invalid and you must resubmit.
-once you make your picks, they’re public. I will delete invalid and unpaid entries from the sheet.
-you must have paid for your entry before the first game you picks starts or 12pm, whichever comes first. Needless to say, do not mention Pick 6 when sending
-The final deadline is 12pm. Since there is a time stamp, any entries after 12pm will be deleted. No exceptions.
-there are some games that will start before 12pm, mainly soccer and tennis. Check the start times for these. The French Open Deadline is 5am. If you submit an entry involving a game that has already started based off the time stamp, it will also be deleted.
-if a result is a tie, you will get 1/2 point for that game
-if any game is cancelled, it will result in a loss
-if you paid for an entry and it’s invalid and gets deleted, you will get credit for next weeks Pick 6 or any other survivor contest. I will not be making refunds, that will be too many transactions.
-I left the golf and WNBA section open, and I may add other games if lines are available before Midnight. After Midnight, I will not be adding any more games.

The entries with the most wins will split 75% of the prize. There are no tiebreakers. 15% will go to the Progressive jackpot, which only gets awarded if someone hits all 6 correct entries. If no one hits that this week, that will carryover to next week.