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Thread: SEEKING HELP: newbie with ok start but definitely need good advice from Sharps

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    Hello everyone.

    I just started recently and I guess I had some good luck with some results. I'm not sure if I can develop this into something more or is it just a fluke, so I'm seeking constructive advice on how I can improve.

    I'm a regular sports fan and so far have not relied upon any deep analysis before my picks, I just go with who I feel should win given what I think are the circumstances in that particular case. If I don't feel comfortable, I don't bet on that game. I also try to keep it simple and am betting just on outcome as other things are too complicated for me atm.

    Anyway, please see my basic chart with my microbets and tell me what else I need to consider before making bets. Ideally, the goal is to start making bigger bets if I can somehow keep this going. If you have any questions, ask away! Thank you, Sharps!

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