1. $2 w/p/ $3 w/p/ $4 w/p
2. $1 ex boxes up to 3 horses. Not required to play an exacta or w/p in any one race. Play it as the players so chooses as long as it follows the max wager allowed.
3. Contest ends once both players have risked $2000
4. Max wagered any one race is $20.
5. No Caps on w/p. $150 cap on $1 exacta boxes.
6. Once a horse is picked w/p it is off the board. The other player can still use an off the board horse in an exacta though.
7. Real time posting or in advance posting is ok. .
8. I will grade the thread.
9. Graded by ROI.
10. All plays posted in this thread.

Available tracks. NYRA, CAL, GP, WO and Monmouth . Contest starts Sun June 23rd, and available days to play are FRI-SUN. Contest ends when both players have risked $2000. NO money involved just for fun and practice. GL Prof.