MAX HOLLOWAY -392 (FRANKIE EDGAR vrs MAX HOLLOWAY) (UFC 240 - Lightweight 5 rounds @ Rogers Place - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
HAKEEM DAWODU -395 (YOSHINORI HORIE vrs HAKEEM DAWODU) (UFC 240 - Featherweight 3 rounds @ Rogers Place - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Hakeem Dawodu is a Canadian mixed martial artist and this is the first fight on the card, this is a set up fight for the Canadian fans to see some blood, and make them feel at home as if it was sort or like hockey. Yoshinori Horie used his one punch knock out power and has shown it by starching Hiroshige Tanaka in his last fight in round one when Tanaka swung wide for a right hook and kept his chin to high. Yoshinori Horie is the former Neo Blood MVP has scored five of his last six wins by knockout, four in the opening round. Hakeem Dawodu knocked out all but one of the eight opponents in WSOF. Dawodu says he is healthier now then any other time is the UFC and can train without shoulder pain.