A little background first: I'm looking for a new direction regarding focused wagering advice. Each year, before placing my football bets, I research intently looking at things like newsletters, stats, paid picks, and value. Then, before placing my bet or bets for the day, which are not many, because I usually narrow things down to two NFL elite plays and two NCAAF plays, which works pretty decently, but it takes a ton of time.

With that said, I am wondering what the best approach is for wagering this year on NFL and NCAAF? What approach has the most success? For example, would it be easy to follow, let's say, one specific newsletter like Pointwise for the entire season and nothing else? Or, perhaps would it be a good idea to follow one tout only and no one else in the hopes that either the newsletter or the tout hits over 60% win rate for the season?

Let me know your approach or advice and what you found the most success with.

I appreciate it! Thanks!