Ended up kissing the sister last night lost the side but cashed the total - so spilled a little juice

Vegas Vic has some contrary points on this play http://www.therxforum.com/showthread.php?t=1147847 which he brought up before I posted this play.

Toronto has won 3 straight not necessarily in convincing fashion 2 of them being OT - but one of them was against this very Philly team last Saturday night.
In fact that was the flyers only loss in the last 4 games

I have 3 reasons for this play

A) Anderson is heating up .934 SV% last 4 games...solid goal tending gives teams confidence. Vic notes the leafs look out of sorts perhaps that was the problem, and now they are on a little roll
B) Taveres back...The Captain comes back scores the winner in OT last game - The weak PP scores to tie the game a good confidence boost for the leafs
C) The Fly although off to their best start in 8 years are 2-5 OTR the two wins came against NJ and Chic.

I think the leafs get it done in regulation tonight -105 $2

Once I see the opening line for tomorrow TOR v CHIC i will let you know if I buying it

GL hockey fans