GucciCapper is going back to the basics tonight and making a play on the NBA team that GucciCapper has followed for many years. GucciCapper needs to end this losing streak which is now going on for 2 weeks. GucciCapper is going to go AGAINST the team that last gave GucciCapper a win.

So who are we taking GucciCapper? We are going to lay the -4 and take the Blazers. Yes, GucciCapper knows the line opened up at 3 but GucciCapper believes that 4 is still a steal. GucciCapper expects the Blazers to win and COVER the spread for the following reasons.

1) Typical Kings. The Kings win a hard fought game at home against the Nuggets and then lay an ABSOLUTE egg against the Bulls. Now what do they have to look forward to? A four game road trip starting up north in Portland. After this game,. the Kings head down to Texas to do the Texas "3 Step". As noted in many articles, the Kings have not won in Portland since Lilliard was a rookie. Look for them to give a half hearted effort on their first game on the road.

2) Blazers are Heating Up. After losing on the road to Cleveland, the Blazers have won 3 of 4. GucciCapper admits none of those wins were against great teams but the Blazers seem like they are finally coming together. Coming off a back to back does not worry GucciCapper today. The Kings are a sandwich game between two hard opponents. The Clippers last night and the Lakers coming up. The Blazers know they need to win this game before taking on the mighty Lakers on Friday night.

3) Matchups. These teams have already met twice in Sactown and have split the series. The first time they met was very early in the season where the Blazers won by 10. They also met roughly 3 weeks ago where the Kings had a huge 3rd quarter and won by 8. The difference from then and now is quite evident. Carmelo Anrthony is now a Blazer and he is starting to mesh with the team. On the contrary, the difference maker for the Kings in that game was Bogdan Bogdanovic. Since he put on a clinic against the Suns (The last game GucciCapper has posted and won on) he's been suffering from a nagging hamstring injury and has not been the same. He's questionable tonight and GucciCapper doesn't expect him to play. If he does play, GucciCapper expects nothing spectacular from him this time around.

4) Portland 1/4 of the season Outlook. As bad as Portland has played the first fourth of the season, they really aren't in that bad of a spot. Their schedule starts to get easier and they get to play a lot of games at home. They are only two games out of the playoffs and GucciCapper expects them to get back on track. They have ONLY played 7 games at home this season. They are hosting a 3-4 record at home. Today, they will get back to .500 at home. They literally play 10 of their next 13 games at home. As we all know from prior years, playing up in Portland is tough. GucciCapper expects them to start protecting their home court and get some quality wins down the line starting today against the Kings.

5) Superstars. The Blazers arguably have the best four players on the court. Lilliard, McCollum, Whiteside and Anthony (Well possibly) are clearly better than anyone that the Kings have suiting up. The Kings are young and will get better, but GucciCapper thinks that up in Portland this will be a completely different outcome. Expect the Blazers to drop around 125 tonight at home against a Kings team that is currently lacking the superstar.

6) The Kings are banged up. Fox has been out for quite the time. Bagley is going to be re-evaluated next week. Bogdan is hurt and is questionable. Guys, this is a not the roster Luke Walton imagined. They are going to be better once they are healthy, but GucciCapper has them on fade alert on the road.

7) Last but not least, the Kings are a completely different team on the road. They have 3 wins this year on the road. They beat the Knicks, Hawks and Wizards. Quite impressive huh? Expect them to get demolished today in Portland.

GucciCapper knows Christmas is right around the corner and wants to help everyone pay for their designer bags for their women and toys for their children. GucciCapper has been on the hottest of winning streaks and the coldest of losing streaks. This one hurts a bit more because it's around the Holiday season. Lets get back on track and have a profitable December so we can spoil our loved ones.

Best of luck boys.

-Gucci out