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Thread: Intersting thoughts

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    I havent been able to figure this market out.......wall street and main street seem to be on different planets.....not different parts of the city. I keep thinking there needs to be a significant retreat.....the hard part is to factor in is the effect of the feds.

    The market is getting beat up today. Is this the start of a more major retraction? Further stimulus doesn't appear to be happening anytime soon....which the market has reacted positively to the potential of more stimulus.

    Others thoughts?
    I'm just buying the dips, adding a few shares to stocks I'm holding long. I sold off my index funds a month or so ago, waiting for the elections to be over. The problem is, I keep spending the money from that sell off (the index funds) on the dips...hoping I'm not screwing myself. I want to get back into the index funds after the elections.
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    All I know is im glad I bailed. 21 Million shares traded today. Market cap down over 200 million since Friday. Hedge funds dropping it like crazy. Still more to drop. So mad at myself for not selling 2 weeks ago when it hit 7. Thought management finally was using there brains. My buddy told me today an investigation into management is likely.
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