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The most urgent need for any electric lawnmower after having the battery pack warranty is a supply of fresh, sharp blades.

Average blade should give a decent cut about six to seven times on an average sized suburban lawn

.18 acre I would change blade after four mows....or less if your lawn is not sufficiently lush to keep the mower blade suction from pulling up sand or other soil which will dull the edge much faster

So I suggest supplementing your electric mower purchase w at least three or more spare blades. As you attach the last fresh sharp blade, take the others to any local mower repair shop or neighbor w a grinder and get a new edge honed.

Most lawn mower blades can be freshly honed three or four times before becoming too short in length. So one cycle of like five mows w *new* blade plus another 15-20 following sharpenings

Failure to cut with a sharp blade slows the whole process and frankly leaves most any lawn looking more meager than when u started

You should be able to get 20 to 25 hours cutting time on a blade.