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Thread: RX Forum State Of The Union

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    Ladies and Gentleman and Degenerate Gamblers:

    We will get thru this. We will come back stronger than ever.

    I want every Sharp, Square, Winner, Loser, Mush, Cooler, Air Bettor,
    Professional Player, Recreational Player, Lurker, Fantasy Sports Nerd,
    Bonus Whore, Steam Chaser, Long Time Posters, Newbies, and Forum
    Trolls to know that I know for a fucking fact that we will get thru this my
    forum friends. So let it be spoken. So let it be said. Tought times dont
    last. But tough Forums like us do.

    Your Favorite Poster
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    Bumped out no sports Just be ready for some baseball by maybe June. Not working , i’m ok have $$ for rainy day. Can’t play tennis , the shut down my courts . Bummer. Maybe back to work by june ??
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