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Thread: A hairstylist at Great Clips exposed 91 people to Coronavirus while working positive.....

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    people who die with Covid 19 is not the same as people dying from Covid 19
    It is known how they classify Covid 19, they tell you.
    Also add in all the stories of what is being classified as Covid 19 death even though they were not even tested or died form a drug od, heart attack, head trauma, etc. The number of actual deaths FROM Covid 19 are probably at least half if not more

    The total number of deaths is a fabricated lie plain and simple
    You are either too ignorant to understand that or being paid to keep spouting the company line here
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    Quote Originally Posted by mango View Post
    Remember, these are the same clowns who went all-in on 1,000-10,000 deaths and being less serious than the common flu. They've been wrong every step of the way but somehow think they're smarter than Dr Fauci.

    Absolutely true
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    Verified World Fact she is a small poison MobDster demtard that was trying to infect & kill rep bur she was so phucking stupid she was in a dem bsnfa neighborHOOD and infected only stupid MobDsters who thought they were getting a free haircut entitled food stamp welfare MORONS
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mobdeeper7239 View Post
    You would’ve benefited listening to me like your priest here. We’re unfortunately coming up close on my prediction of over 100K + dead from corona.

    Crazy sad shit. Pretty fucking crazy I slam dunked on a lot of people’s foreheads here with my predictions. Crazy shit. Everything I predicted with this shit came true. Might have to look into the health field with data science down the line. Too busy now. Pretty impressive shit at least I could do for the people is take over one of these mainstream news channels for y’all and educate. I never seen anyone be more correct about this type of situation ever.
    Your parents must be so proud.
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    30% of the deaths occurred in nursing homes. Outside that 60% of the deaths are from people staying at home other than going out for essentials.
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