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Thread: Black Lives Matter Organizer: ‘Give Me Money Or We’ll Break Windows’

  1. #1 Black Lives Matter Organizer: ‘Give Me Money Or We’ll Break Windows’ 
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    Black Lives Matter Organizer: ‘Give Me Money Or We’ll Break Windows’

    Black Lives Matter organizer Devonere Armani Johnson had a simple and straightforward message of racial justice for Madison store owners of all races.[/COLOR]
    “Give me money or we’ll break windows,” the repeat offender had allegedly told them.
    The “Free Yeshua” Madison riots began when the police arrested the BLM thug.

    Johnson, who also goes by Yeshua Musa or Jesus Moses, was busted after following an older white man into Coopers Tavern while shouting, “you’re a racist” at him through a megaphone, before lecturing the patrons on his opinion that, “Jesus was not a white man.”

    Before that, Devorene had threatened a mother of four who had been walking down the street with her children, calling her a “fat b___” and yelling, “don’t think your god’s going to save you

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    View is freaking unreal up here !!
    Why can't a mass shooter go after a better target than innocent people or a school for that matter ?
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    Marxist anti semitic criminal organization. Black lives murder.
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