Hey everyone, Underdobs here. I am looking to start a contest I usually run it local but a lot of guys I usually get are out this year. Seeing if I can get any interest on here, hereís how it goes:

How it works is you pick from the 32 teams based on sign ups and draft those most likely to win games in the 2020 regular season only.

Add up all the wins from each entry and they are the winner. 1st place prize only. Buy in tbd but when I do it local itís $250. Maximum of 5 players usually. Snake format and we just select our teams in the thread or through text message. If we can get the guys online I would think submitting teams in this thread is easiest.

3 players - 10 teams each
4 players - 8 teams each
5 players - 6 teams each

Example of picks,

1. KC - BOB
3. SF - JOHN
4. NE - BOB

And so on...

Team with the most acccumlated wins at the end of the regular season wins the pot, in this case $1250 if we can get 5 guys. I am okay to split up the money collecting duties if need be.

Anyways let me know if youíre interested at all and lets see if we can fill it before Thursday.