2020 Hilton Style CFB Contest
Week 11 Standings

dg84 and MichPat will pick 7 games next week.

With the craziness that's gone on this year and the bombardment of cancellations everywhere, we've had to adapt on the fly. The college schedules have changed drastically from what they were originally. My post at the beginning was to end the contest on Dec 5th, that being the 13th week. Since then, the NCAA has extended the season with the BIG 10 and PAC10 getting a late start and thus, their seasons ending later. As it stands now, the Week of Dec 12th has a schedule of 39 Div 1 games... far more than what was laid out prior to the season opening. It seems only logical that we go with the flow and extend our contest by that one week. So, let it be known that The 2020 CFB Hilton Style SuperContest will conclude on Sat, Dec 12th, that being Week 14.