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Thread: Just launched a new fantasy sports app called Encore Fan

  1. #1 Just launched a new fantasy sports app called Encore Fan 
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    Hey guys,

    Just launched a new fantasy sports app called Encore Fan.

    The goal of the app is to be sort of a like a Facebook for Fantasy sports. I know, I know, we don't need another Facebook but we're trying to create a fantasy community where you can follow your friends, create posts, see what moves they are making across multiple teams and leagues, as well as all the standard bells and whistles you see with other fantasy apps. The app is some beta at the moment with only Sports News and the ability to launch your "fan club".

    We will be launching Fantasy basketball in a few weeks along with historical fantasy. In the Spring, we'll launch March Madness, followed by baseball, football, etc.
    We are looking for beta testers to sign up, invite their friends, and give us feedback on what they think needs improvement. Keep in mind, this is definitely pretty bare bones at the moment but will be bitching come March.

    Sign up at this link and feel free to send me a message in the app:
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    wishing u success on your app , good luck with it dude
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