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Thread: NFL Television Schedule

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    I thought the two most interesting game were Baltimore and Tenn and the Bills vs Colts

    Found it interesting they were both 1pm games

    And the two night games were blah

    Bucs vs Skins and Steelers vs Browns

    I am sure Bucs got the game because of Brady. But that thanks

    Just thought it was a little interesting
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    Same conversation I had with my son tonight. The two best games got the two worst time slots on both days.
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    Buffalo should of played at 1 so they get more time off for next week

    Saints should be playing at 1 also

    Pitt is getting the raw deal should of played at 4 yesterday
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    Ratings ratings ratings, for the casual fan

    TB would be the highest rated team Saturday

    Pitt is one of America's teams

    For football fans, the two 1:00 games have the best matchups. Although the Bucs vs Redskins game was pretty competitive

    Rams vs Seahawks sucked, but I was watching UConn anyhow
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    I guess they think the late game will be the worst game / possible blowout game so ratings will falter when folks change the channel or turn it off and go to sleep, idk...
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