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Thread: Cube, Cube 2 and Cube Zero

  1. #1 Cube, Cube 2 and Cube Zero 
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    Very interesting movies
    I enjoyed the ride, but am just not quite sure what to make of it once I was done with it
    Part of me still can't figure out whether the trilogy(first two and a prequel) is good or not
    It feels like I need more of an answer as to the purpose
    I know leaving it open-ended allows you to believe what you want but something is missing
    I am just not sure how it should/could have ended better

    Opinions on the trilogy?
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    Great movies! I just watched all three about 4 months ago. I had seen the original when I was younger so I went back to watch it and discovered there were two more. The movie always intrigued me. You have people with different backgrounds and different skills that they have to use to work together to survive the cube. However, you start to see survival instincts kick in which causes them to fight against each other and in turn actually, they start killing each other. Upon facing dangerous situations they make dangerous judgments of each other. You know in life we encounter people and I think sometimes we make dangerous judgments of them instead of accepting them with the decisions they've made and coming alongside them to help them beat life or as in the movie, beating the cube. All of us experience life in different ways, we have different backgrounds, we were raised different, and some of us have had traumatic experiences while some of us have had peaceful upbringings. The problem becomes looking at someone's life so objectively and in third person that we don't feel the feelings that they have felt or have the understanding of life that they have or we're not able to see things through their lens. The end result of all of us is, in reality, death, which the cube really brings to light. Of course in the original, the special needs guy is the only one to make it out of the cube. We learn in Cube Zero that he was altered that way. Now, I do believe in God, that is, I am a believer in Christ. With that said I kinda of look at it like this. God plants each of us in this world, from the most intelligent down to the special needs person (I mean that very respectfully) each has a purpose, each equal in his eyes. Our flesh or human perspective though does not see this way. The special needs guy makes it out. Everyone else, who had some sort of esteem or skill or whatever all died off in the cube. Possibly this speaks to the judgements we make are not always equal. We obviously do not see how God sees but also how life is so clouded by pride. Idk just some thought I had.
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