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Thread: This Site needs a new read only invite only site where Elite Cappers can post their plays...

  1. #1 This Site needs a new read only invite only site where Elite Cappers can post their plays... 
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    It would be by INVITE ONLY and OPTIONAL to Members like Catwins, Streetsmarts2019, LSU Pete, Bigcat and other posters who have demonstrated their capping prowess and generosity by posting their plays free for others to benefit from. They could post all of their plays together in one post and in one thread. ex. NHL, NBA, Bases & CBB.

    for everybody else, expecially RX Juniors like Kick Ass who only want to harass and otherwise start trouble. Probably shills for the books and touts who don't want any quality free content posted, would be read only. No thank yous, no comments and NO BS.

    Mods could do this. Call it something like Elite Cappers forum. or whatever

    that would fix the problem that exists here where quality handicappers who are the life of this forum are continually Driven away
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    Bad idea IMO
    I think anyone who would leave based on trolls is gonna leave either way
    Besides some of the banter about the games has benefits
    Why can't games be discussed?
    Nothing wrong with giving opposing opinions on the game especially if done respectfully
    But BAS already covered this can be done if they wish in a tracker forum

    Don't get me wrong I like all those guys and their opinions. And no one really wants to be shit on when they lose
    But guys generally stop when they are being trolled and having a bit of a losing streak
    Sometimes you just gotta leave and regroup
    All thoe guys and everyone is free to post or not post
    Understand that much more people respect and appreciate it that don't or people who just troll
    Posting is up to you
    If it benefits you and you enjoy great
    If not so be it
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    Go away crybaby - post in the tracker forum like you were told
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