Ok going to run a live thread on loop. Jack will help out with finally tallies and wagering amounts as I will have no time .
IF he can't add up all the races then you will only have the final numbers at the end of day . But hopefully he will have time in the morning to go over the wagering amounts .


1- international races - my w/p bets are w/show here in n/a
2- I will record top tote prices (internationally) for the winning bets on win/ place and exactors and tris
3- I will be hitting everything at the gate as last horse loads on north american soil
4- International bets will be given more time as they don't affect pools here ( don't wager on n/a pools) - it will affect your bottom line
5- Harness bets will be placed as they are leaving the gate to prevent the teams from coming in and dumping big amounts ( as there is no money in pools)
6- Big tracks bets will be given extra consideration and may be given more time as the loading process begins
7- You will not be to get away from the losing streaks
8- I will carry it 1500.00 races
9- my goal is to show players it can be done over the long period
10- If you are looking to have fun , there are plenty of handicappers on here that are very skilled and could provide that for you so follow them and hopefully you could have big days
11 No wagering caps as it will restrict me too much . I will be going up and down on the base depending on how good the flow is and where I am in my cycle

I think that's it

Ok jack Just check every morning final number and then add up all the wagering amounts and you know the rest, to come up with the ROI
If there are any scratches within that time I will give u the update but should be ok because they are all last minute bets