I started an account with Nitrogen just shy of a month ago, using a VPN, only sports bets. I had a balance of 0.63839198 on Tuesday. Today down to 0.26910198. They are claiming mine and another account have a close relation, no proof given. They asked me to verify using my home IP. In England, the site is giving an error message, so I have to use VPN. There is nothing in T&C about VPNs or locations allowed. They said I cannot withdraw the full amount verifying without VPN.
I showed them the error screen without VPN, with the home IP displayed. After a few hours, they say I can now withdraw the balance, but the winnings have been seized, and they’ve decided the two accounts are in the same location. And both have been betting above limits (?).
Within the space of a day, they’ve gone from multi-accounting to same location to limits abuse, and found time to take the money, with their final, set in stone responses.

just trying to get the word out.