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Thread: German Bundesliga Tips/Bankers 24/25.05

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    Hello Users,

    here are my two picks for the last gameday in the German Bundesliga. Some games are really interesting and some decisions will happen. The odds are low for the teams that have to win but I think this are little banker. To get feedback would be really nice. Have a nice weekend!

    1.FC Nuernberg - Bayer Leverkusen Pick 2 @ 1.35

    Leverkusen played really good last weekend and won 3:0 against 1860 Muenchen. The new trainer Augenthaler brings new selfsconfidence to the team and I think Leverkusen will win this game against Nuernberg. Nuernberg play for nothing more, they are already relegated. A strange situation for the Leverkusen - Trainer Augenthaler because some gamedays ago he was the trainer of Nuernberg. The odd is for the outcome very low but I think Leverkusen will win this game clearly.

    17 (17) 1. FC Nuernberg 33 8 6 19 33:59 -26 30
    15 (16) Bayer Leverkusen 33 10 7 16 46:56 -10 37

    At home: 17. 1. FC Nuernberg 16 4 4 8 16:23 -7 16
    At road: 11. Bayer Leverkusen 16 4 4 8 19:28 -9 16

    Hamburger SV - Hansa Rostock Pick 1 @ 1.25

    Hamburg have to win when the want reach the 3. place or terminate the season as the 4. - when they lose the game and Bremen and Berlin win their games, Hamburg would be come on the 6. Place and would play only next year in the UI- Cup. So this game is really important for Hamburg and I think they should win this game really clearer, because Rostock plays for nothing and so I try a little more on Hamburg. They are at home really great and lost first one game at home.

    4 (4) Hamburger SV 33 14 11 8 44:36 8 53
    11 (14) Hansa Rostock 33 11 8 14 35:39 -4 41

    At home: 2. Hamburger SV 16 12 3 1 28:11 17 39
    At road: 10. Hansa Rostock 16 5 3 8 15:21 -6 18
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    I agree with both picks,erol.
    But i think Leverkusen's coach change brings them in a dangerous situatioin here.
    As you said they now have the coach who was sacked by Nürnberg 3 games ago. When he was sacked it was a really wired situation in Nürnberg: all fans stood absolutely behind the coach. the deciding factor for sending himon the road was a votum by players against him.
    The hype of fan support for him was so big that Nürnberg'S club president postponed the sacking by one week. result was that team lost 0-4 in at errible performanc in hamburg.
    Fore sure Nürnberg is playing for nothing and leverkusen should win easy, but i expect Nürnberg's players to give 100%. They were against the coach and will be motivated to take him with them to 2.Bundesliga.
    It might be a strange situation in stadium. Fans maybe will support leverkusen, cause the like their old coach, but players will give all they have to beat him.
    Leverkusen win, but no walk over.

    Hamburg simply will win. i dont expect that to be close.rostock is playing for nothing. if hamburg wins and stuttgart looses to wolfsburg they even get a chance for cl if they can make up 6 goals. in a scenarion where, for what reason ever, wolfsburg takes the lead i expect rostock's players step totally aside and let hamburg score at will. their will be friendship betwenn these two clubs from the north of germany if hamburg need goals.
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    Thanks for your feedback!
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