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I wanna know if there's any system out there that anyone uses to manage their bankroll?

For example, if I start with a 1K bankroll...
for the remainder of the NBA season, should there be a maximum amount I should be wagering or a maximum amount of games to be played per day?

Trying to find the most effecient way to play without depleting my bank roll in 1 week. I'd like to know if anyone has any stratgies or disiplines they could share.
Bet the same amount on each game. This is a long term venture.

Stay away from parlays. Occasional 2 team money line parlay is ok but once you start adding 3 and more teams, just a losing venture.

Don't chase. If you lose, there are more games tomorrow.

Don't bet if there is nothing on the board that you like. Let the daily card/schedule of games dictate the play or plays. This is about being disciplined and have a long term vision. Take it 30 days at a time, 2 weeks at a time, whatever fits your needs/situation

Put in the work. It is a science. Not an exact science but the numbers matter.

Good luck.