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Thread: Tampa radio sports jock reads RX story

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Bart View Post
    Steve's a nice guy, but he's about as "sharp" as a marshmallow.
    Yep and I heard him the other day still - after being a supposed "sports handicapper" for many years - refer to the Totals line in MLB betting as the "runline".
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    Duemig was OK back in the day. He really has a very limited knowledge of gambling. He also might be pre alzheimers. He forgets things and repeats things not on purpose all the time. The only guy I listen to when I go down on business once a month is the afternoon guy on ESPN 1040, Marc Bednarzyk. The guy is probably too good for that market but he really gets it, is opinionated and very entertaining.
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    I liked Thomas when he was in Baltimore, but he was a little self absorbed. I remember one Sunday night sportscast during NFL season when he devoted the entire 10 minutes to showing highlights of a bad beat he had on some meaningless game that no one cared about except him.
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