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Thread: God I hate Fox right now

  1. #1 God I hate Fox right now 
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    Its bad enough all these plugs for their latest God awful reality shows. Its bad enough they stick too guys in the booth who would rather die than see the Cardinals lose this series. And its bad enough McCarver is a blathering idiot too.

    Now they have to stick us with plugging their God awful American Idol singers. What was that. Awful. Can we get that guy who sings in Yankee stadium please?

    The worst ever was in some game I was watching when that black girl, I forget her name, who won American Idol this year sung the national anthem. Of course, she couldnt just sing it badly. She had to add her own "style" to the song so as to make her singing worse.
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    Look on the bright side. By winning American Idol it took the ***** and her kid off the welfare rolls.
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