Saw this posted at TOW:

6/12/2005 Royal Sports owners face arrest warrants
The Curacao Tax Office will file a request to issue arrest warrants against Navtej Kholi and Juan Bonilla, ultimate beneficial owners of Royal Sports (r. 3) since August 2nd 2003. These requests are being filed as a result of an investigation that lead the Curacao Tax Office to determine that Kholi's Royal Sports failed to pay taxes for an amount of little over $500,000.00. Curacao's arrest warrants are valid and enforceable throughout Europe. Reports indicate that Curacao law enforcement are actively looking for Kevin, Mr. Marco Swart for questioning with concern to the Tax evasion investigation as well as complaints filed by local vendors stiffed by Royal Sports upon their departure from Curacao.

With arrest warrents issued I imagine the Curacao governments next step will be to seize all assets of ROYAL SPORTS and those named in the warrants.