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Thread: Exbookie School On My Line For The Nfl Doing It On Paper!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobbflo View Post
    Thanks for posting this again Ace- this system matches up as well as does it respond to an injury like Carr? Thanks and Happy New Year!
    its base on time,lineoff,penalties,turn over.......after it pick the team with a +8 value ...than you have to do all the injury and other views .

    you stay have to do your home work......I use 15-20 views of a game. 411 worth the most.....myline is the 2nd best...than I look for more to support what I see in those two..... If I do $2000 plus........if it's weak ........action. Under $800. No one system makes the picks......but it has help this year.
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    Thanks again for your sage advice....
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