what a terrible way to lose for the cards...taking the lead to just blow it right away...however, i see them bouncing back....arizona is sucking rite now and cant seem to hit....so, even if weaver is the worst pitcher in the majors, i see them winning this one with their bats...

CARDS -110

Florida coming off a huge no no....they prolly celebrated too much tonite and wont be ready for this game.....floridas offense hasnt produced much lately and the phillies come in here and take game one..


Colorodo is fading fast. washington is on the rise. they take the momentum into this game and blows out the rockies at coors!


Mets can score. LAD cannot.

METS -130

Chicago and Cleveland both can score some runs. Chicago actually own C. LEE and burhele is bound to give up 5+ runs in one inning....

OVER 10 in chicago/cleve

Detroit seems to win the first game of a series and then been fading...i see them winning game one here as verlander pitches a gem