(21-4)(+15.95 units) favorite bets
(11-16)(-3.53 units) underdog bets
(1-3)(-2.00 units) runline bets
(0-9)(-9.00 units) parlays

(33-32)(+1.42 units) overall

Worst night as I have had in a while dropping two units. Of course my parlay went down again last night. I lost both underdog plays and won my only favorite play. As promised, I am done with parlay for the rest of the year in baseball. Even those runlines have not been kind to me. From here on out I am going with nothing single bets of favorites -150 or less and underdogs. Take away those parlays and runlines and I have a pretty decent record. Three day games that I missed, no big deal. Here is what I have come up with for Tuesday night.

Atlanta -107 vs Florida…………..Just going with a gut feeling here, no real stats to back this up. Florida playing decent ball right now, the braves still better than most people think.

Washington +183 vs Phillies…………Have the phillies finally turned it around? Maybe. I cannot justify them being this big a favorite right now, at least not yet. Phils have a history of losing games they should not lose. Something tells me the fightin phils used up all their hits (20) last night. Worth a shot at these odds in my opinion.

Only two plays for me. There are a lot of big favs tonight and I am not touching them, nor am I playing them on parlays anymore. I have finally learned my lesson.

Good Luck Everybody!!