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Thread: Bookie Buster Monday Service Plays 7/30

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    to borrow from Eminem...Here's my ten cents & my two cents are free...

    The main reason that I joined TheRxForum was to check out Bookie Busters daily service plays postings, which I heard off from a sports bettor buddy of mine.

    I was & still am very impressed with the plethora of free service plays information that he posts diligently on a daily basis, regardless of how early or late he posted them.

    For me the fact that he takes the time and makes the effort on his own accord to provide this free info for the benefit of those pundits whom are interested in it, is a testament of his unselfishness & his commitment to help provide pundits with a winning edge vs Bookies.

    The truth of the matter is that he started a thread that became a popular fixture on therxsportspickforum which attracted a large number of loyal followers.

    He's been very accomodating to other Rx members posting their personal service plays on his own personal thread, like 'Infoguy' who's always participated with Tony Onio's service plays, or 'Low' with EZ Winners & Charliesports among others, or 'lloyd' with Alex Anthony among others.

    He's also informed most everyone that he has his own service plays thread, & likes to keep it that way, & was forced to create his own personalized thread with his name on it 'BOOKIE BUSTERS SERVICE PLAYS' to post his service plays in his own way & to not have multiple postings of same plays,which amazingly some members still refuse to adhere to or respect his wishes on his own personalized thread.

    I am flabbergasted by those members who feel that since they started a service thread early(ier) than BB, entails that he should post his plays on their thread.

    Some members have attacked & bashed BB about the integrity of his method of obtaining his service plays & that it's widly available on net for all to find. That is Gr8 to know, & if so why not do your own thread with all that info that is available & leave BB & his thread alone.

    If you're looking for the accolades that's been given to BB for his work by various appreciative Rx members, which are unsolicited by him, create your own daily threads & earn your accolades & heroics through your diligent work.

    If you want to bash me for my stance in defense of BB, I'm A OK with it. I do the grunt work & my postings are meant to be complimentary to BB's postings. Anyone can do what I do, & I'm willing to give it up to anyone who are interested in doing it.

    It's all about showing some R-E-S-P-E-C-T to one another. I didn't start doing the daily record postings without asking BB first about it as you can read below from the first email I sent him & his reply back.

    I think I've said more than enuff, but not more than what should have been said over a month ago when this whole service play posturing quagmire began.

    I bear no hard feelings towards anyone, but unless there is some sense of order & some show of respect towards BB, I will not be posting service play records or service play summary spreadsheet after July 31st. Not that it matters anyhow to most.

    Nevertheless, As always BOL to all...

    -Zuman: Guitarman

    Thu, 17 May 2007 13:50:41 -0700 (PDT)
    Zuman <> wrote:

    Hey BB,

    Wanted your input & opinion on my creating a W/L posting of cappers plays of your daily posts. Thought it might help in providing gamblers on Rx site further info of cappers W/L results & trends.
    I would ultimately like to create a daily updated summary of cappers % W/L & daily Cappers trends on plays.

    Would appreciate any input you might have & of course your approval. Ty for the great job you do in posting cappers daily plays.

    Sincere Regards,


    BB wrote:


    I think that is a great idea and I think people wold love to see that as well.

    Just remember that sds23 is putting all the win/loss into the spreadsheet and is tracking it that way as well. Personally I think that is a great idea and would love to see that daily of w/l and think that many other would as well. You can start a new post or add it to the end of my post or sds23 post that is in the baseball forum.

    Thanks for the idea and email me any time. I will look forward to your posts.


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    BB & Zuman ....I hope you both continue to post service plays and spreadsheets...I find them very useful.When I do help and post I try to make sure I'm not posting a duplicate and I HIGHLIGHT the title of the service play making it easier to find.THANK YOU BOTH FOR THE WORK YOU DO....its not hard to copy/paste ....but man it does become a pain in the ass sometimes finding them and putting them together to post.And it does take time...... GLTA
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    Zuman, sounds great! Where are the service plays for today?
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    zuman, great post.

    I don't know the background behind all this except from what I have seen in this thread, but I have a suggestion that might help everybody:

    With more people able to contribute to the "Service Plays" thread by posting plays that *have not been posted yet*, if Bookie Buster himself happens not to be the first person to post service plays "that day", then what any poster could do is to post it in a new thread called "Service Plays -- Tuesday July 31st" (date being the current day's date, whatever it is).

    Bookie Buster could even do this method himself when he starts a service play thread, too. I realize his name is exactly what he is representing, but since he also posts his own plays, just like sds23 have done, I have to confess that it does get confusing when I see TWO baseball threads that starts with "Bookie Buster". Of course, it is only a few seconds before I know which one is the right thread for me to look at, but doing this on a daily basis can be disheartening.

    If we use the "Service Plays -- {date}" as the title of the service plays thread, we all can start the thread whenever one of us have received the first service play so BB doesn't always have to be glued to the computer every morning when some service plays are already released.

    In any case, everybody should take a minute of their time to glance over the ALREADY-POSTED plays to make sure that they are not posting the same plays again. It's helpful to everyone, including zuman, who has done a great job compiling records.


    * CalvinTy
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Poet View Post
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe guy was trying to help you out. Your the one who sounds like a little kid. You get alot of props for being the service whore around here but always remember if you drop dead right now, there will be another guy in here posting service plays tomorrow so you are expendable.
    I lost 90,000 posts since my departure, I guess someone didn't like that I was the all time leading poster here lol!
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