311-255 +41.30 units

2-0 yesterday and on a 3 day winning streak..

Brewers -110 to win 1 unit

Dempster has exactly 1 win on the road and I expect it to stay that way. Its not that he is terrible on the road, just the team isnt very good on the road, especially when it comes to him. I dont see the Brewers losing 3 in a row at home to a supposed rival, also, the shut out at home factor comes in, think they come back and take one back. Parra has been pretty solid at home this year, 5-1, with a 3.02 ERA.

Marlins +110 to bet 1 unit

Almost the same thing as the Brewers in this spot except that Pelfrey isnt that good on the road. His ERA is 5.68 on the road while Johnson's ERA is 2.70 at home. Also ESPN is really hyping up Pelfrey and how well hes been pitching for some reason, ehs been pitching well, but they are getting obsessive. This always sways the numbers a little bit, I think the Marlins should be the favorites in this game, and if you believe in all that public money bullshit and fading it, then I would take the Marlins