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Thread: Long way to go but my best parlay ever maybe

  1. #1 Long way to go but my best parlay ever maybe 
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    the last two won already.. Roma and Milano

    26825185-112/14/08 10:55am$21.99$73,177.82Pending13 Team Parlay
    Pending12/14/08 1:00pm NFL Football 303 Green Bay Packers -2 -115 vs Jacksonville Jaguars
    Pending12/14/08 1:00pm NFL Football 305 Detroit Lions/Indianapolis Colts Over 39 -220
    Pending12/14/08 1:00pm NFL Football 309 Tampa Bay Buccaneers +160 vs Atlanta Falcons
    Pending12/14/08 1:00pm NFL Football 312 Miami Dolphins -6 -110 vs San Francisco 49ers
    Pending12/14/08 1:00pm NFL Football 315 Buffalo Bills/New York Jets Over 41 -110
    Pending12/14/08 1:00pm NFL Football 315 Buffalo Bills +8 -122 vs New York Jets
    Pending12/14/08 1:00pm NFL Football 318 Houston Texans +140 vs Tennessee Titans
    Pending12/14/08 4:15pm NFL Football 319 Pittsburgh Steelers/Baltimore Ravens Over 33 -120
    Pending12/14/08 1:00pm NFL Football 323 San Diego Chargers/Kansas City Chiefs Over 43 -120
    Pending12/14/08 4:05pm NFL Football 326 Arizona Cardinals -180 vs Minnesota Vikings
    Pending12/14/08 12:35pm NBA Basketball 701 New Orleans Hornets -135 vs Toronto Raptors
    Pending12/14/08 12:15pm Internationl Basketball 3003 Armani Jeans Milano +125 vs Banca Tercas Teramo
    Pending12/14/08 12:15pm Internationl Basketball 3006 Lottomatica Roma -225 vs Benetton Treviso
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    Looks damn good. But I think Miami kills you.
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    Arizona will be the stopper.
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