I'm bored,so thought i would bring some "Progression" plays your way & will continue to bring them your way which introduces chase plays as well..

This system is a strategic betting system that will change the way regular bettors bet on sports. Start winning not sweating.Of course i can't get the whole sheet b/c it costs,but will be able to bring up to 4 plays,so follow & see how it goes if ya like..

Many bettors make the mistake of betting pitcher vs pitcher and hot team vs cold team. Over time you will hit around the 50% mark with this strategy and maybe be up some change. The right way is to find bets that will win once in the series. This means you can win 100% of the time with a 33% winning percentage in a 3 game series in baseball. This the smart way to bet using a proportional unit size to your bank roll.

What is a Progression Sheet?

It is the ultimate advantage over your sports book or bookie. It gives players the tools to guarantee profits. The S.I.S. Progression Sheet stretches out single game odds into complete series odds and takes advantage of the MLB schedule. These sheets provide multiple systems for individual series that are backed by significant data. These sheets come straight from an inside source in Vegas and are distributed exclusively to VIP members.
Win with SIS. Avoid looking at game by game analysis and look at the big picture. 2-4 times a week we will release plays to bet on. Our hitting percentage in 2008 for games 1 & 2 were 91%. Meaning you had a 91% chance of winning in games one or two. We don???t just select random games to bet on, we select games that have the strongest trends on them then the teams have to pass through two filters to become a play. Buy our plays and we won???t make you regret it, YOU WILL SEE THE TRENDS YOURSELF and be convinced and confident with the selected play/plays that been have selected.

Once or twice a year there will be a losing series, no one is perfect and please don't expect to find a PERFECT source, I've looked they don't exist.

Understanding how to use the System:

ALWAYS ALWAYS BET All plays same amount

Bet to win 1 unit on game 1 of the selected play. If won, take your money. If lost double up, on game 2. Your Loses on game 1 plus to win 1 unit.

The scenario in regards to units would appear like this on a -110. 1.1,2.2,4.4

The goal is to profit every week with these plays. By the year end you can expect 100 units, that is 10k with a 100 dollar bettor.
We take advantage of trends that matter over the course of a series that are backed with trends and statistics from years of data! These are multiple systems not just one! These Progression Sheets are put together by a team of insiders in Vegas. Get the Progression Sheets that only VIP members have access to!

“Ifs and Almosts” do not exist here! Eliminate luck from your betting. You will win money. There are not going to lie to you and tell you this is a 100% system and claim ridiculous promises. Occasionally you will see losses on the Progression Sheet.

If you are worrying about your winning % this system is not for you! Then again if winning % is all that matters to you then you aren’t paying attention to why you started betting in the first place. People bet to make money! We make profits! That is it there is nothing else that matters when you are betting on sports.

Everyone who bets on sports has the dream of making money and being able to quit their job! You would be lying if you said you did not think about this once. These Progression Sheets offer serious advantages that can change your life. It is not a question of will this change my life? It is a question of how this will change your life? You will make money, the amount of money you make is up to you!
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4 plays, no spot plays, all 3 game progressions!
NYM @ BOS- 7:10pm et ~3 GAMES~
2006- BOS 3-0
2009- BOS 6-0 to win 1 game at home
Take Red Sox @ -101 (Risk 1.01U to win 1U)
PHI @ NYY- 7:05pm et ~3 GAMES~
Yankees are on fire!
5-0 This year to win one game at home
Take Yankees @ -152 (Risk 1.52U to win 1U)
TB @ FLA- 7:10pm et ~3 GAMES~
06- O-O-U
07- O-O-O
08- O-O-U
Take the Over 10 runs @ +100 (Risk 1U to win 1U)
TOR @ ATL- 7:30pm et ~3 GAMES~
**Add losses that were incurred during TOR/BOS series (-300)
06- TOR W-W-W
Take Toronto @ -150 (Risk 6U to win 4U)
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BTW,this has nothing to do with above,just additional info for all.My main & only play is on Detroit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( Baseball System) PLAY AGAINST any team with a weak AL offensive, averaging 4.5 or less runs per game, against a good NL starting pitcher (ERA 3.70 or less), who are frigid, batting .240 or worse over their last 15 games. The Pale Hole from the south side of Chicago fit this description for a system that is 38-5, 88.4 percent in last dozen years.This play suggests:Pittsburgh

( Baseball Trend ) The Cleveland Indians are 0-10 against the money line after scoring eight runs or more this season.