Hernandez dominates the A's. Dominates them at home or on the road and the A's lineup just sucks.

M's exploit with speed and defense.


**I only play one game a day and look for the best spot. Baseball is easily my best sport and just comes very easy for me.

Some things to look for:

1) Tread lightly over the first few weeks. Let the teams show you how good they'll be. You should be able to get a good feel.

2) The over is a good bet for the first few weeks. Pitchers don't catch up with hitters for awhile.

3) I hate bad bullpens. Nothing like losing a bet when you have a 5-run lead in the 8th but it does happen.

4) One of my most important aspects of capping a baseball game is the starting pitchers and the trends against the batters but most importantly how the lineups fair against either LHP or RHP.

5) Never ever lay -300 or more in a baseball game. Never ever.

More to come.