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Thread: If You Really Like Boston To Win The Series Over The Cavs Here's What You Should Do

  1. #1 If You Really Like Boston To Win The Series Over The Cavs Here's What You Should Do 
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    If you believe Boston is going to with the series over Cleveland, here's a better option & payoff than simply laying Boston to win the series.

    If the Celtics win this series, they ARE NOT going win 4 straight games & win the series 4-1.

    If they do win it, it will be 4-3, or 4-2.

    So instead of betting on Boston to win the series straight up at +205, +210, or whatever, instead do the following.....

    Split your units what you would have played on Boston to win the series on these 2 plays:

    CELTICS WIN 4 - 2 +460
    CELTICS WIN 4 - 3 +670

    Obviously only 1 of the plays will win but you have now guaranteed yourself a much better payout than laying Boston just to win the series.....

    1 Unit Boston To Win Series = +205
    1Unit Boston To Win 4-2 = +360 after you deduct 100 for 4-3 loss
    1Unit Boston To Win 4-3 = +570 after you deduct 100 for 4-2 loss

    These wagers can be found at Jazz at this time but may be available elsewhere too.
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    great info hache
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    Damn...too bad I like the Cavs

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