So the wclc (Lotto group in western canada) came up with this new game to
choose from called "Pools" pretty basic game all you have to do is pick who
you think is going to win in every NFL game for this week, a ticket is $5 each
and the person(s) with the most correct winners for that week split half
the total earnings for that week. Last week was the first week there
were 11 winning tickets picking 13 of 14 games correct, I had 11 correct.
Each winning ticket was worth 2800.00 pretty good payout if you ask me for 5 wager. What im thinking is it shouldn't be too hard to pick 13-14 correct a week
considering there's no point spread etc. just straight up winners which should make it pretty simple. Looking at this weeks card though I see a few toss ups that im not too sure on. Post what your card would look like if you want maybe help me a little in my decisions This weeks card is posted below.

112:00 Oct 1011:00 Oct 10 JACKSONVILLE BUFFALO 212:00 Oct 1011:00 Oct 10 DENVER BALTIMORE 312:00 Oct 1011:00 Oct 10 KANSAS CITY INDIANAPOLIS 412:00 Oct 1011:00 Oct 10 GREEN BAY WASHINGTON 512:00 Oct 1011:00 Oct 10 ST.LOUIS DETROIT 612:00 Oct 1011:00 Oct 10 CHICAGO CAROLINA 712:00 Oct 1011:00 Oct 10 TAMPA BAY CINCINNATI 812:00 Oct 1011:00 Oct 10 ATLANTA CLEVELAND 912:00 Oct 1011:00 Oct 10 NEW YORK G HOUSTON 1015:05 Oct 1014:05 Oct 10 NEW ORLEANS ARIZONA 1115:15 Oct 1014:15 Oct 10 TENNESSEE DALLAS 1215:15 Oct 1014:15 Oct 10 SAN DIEGO OAKLAND 1319:20 Oct 1018:20 Oct 10 PHILADELPHIA SAN FRANCISCO 1419:30 Oct 1118:30 Oct 11 MINNESOTA NEW YORK J