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    Anyone use/look at/review the ESPN Pickcenter available to Insiders? Anyone track the accuracy? They simulate the games and provide predictions. I've posted some below for LSU/Kentucky. Curious to hear thoughts on it.

    Point Spread AccuScore Probability
    189 Kentucky +30.5 62.2%
    190 LSU -30.5 37.7%
    Over / Under AccuScore Probability
    OVR 44.5 62.2%
    UND 44.5 37.7%
    Money Line AccuScore Probability
    189 Kentucky +3250 5.5%
    190 LSU -6500 94.5%

    PS - new ID (lost old one), but been shadowing RX forum for years.
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    What I've learned from the insider is... Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Last year in the NFL I rode it being a rook. It hit I wanna say about 60% of the time which is great. I haven't rose it this year and I gotta say between the pros and college it's down to about 30%. these percentages r estimates like there accuscores. They don't mean shit if u follow that you'll lose your ass
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