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Thread: Policy On Posting Picks/Warnings About Members Who Post Outrageous Wagers & Don't Keep Accurate Won-Loss Records/Post Review/Moderator Emails

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  1. #1 Policy On Posting Picks/Warnings About Members Who Post Outrageous Wagers & Don't Keep Accurate Won-Loss Records/Post Review/Moderator Emails 
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    To Members Who May Follow Other Posters: Please be wary of members who post plays that may seem unrealistic to most bettors.

    These Are Some Examples:
    100 Dime Play Of The Week
    5,000* Star Play
    Lock Of The Year

    To Members Who May Follow Other Posters: Please pay special attention to cappers/posters who do not update their record regularly, who do not include money/units won/lost as well as juice lost from their total plays in their record, or those who come out of nowhere with claims of a winning record that has not been posted or documented here at TheRx.

    Many posters will hype their plays in their thread title, yet don't update their record and in turn could have an overall losing record if it was indeed tracked.

    Simply put, if a poster does not track and post their overall record with included units won/lost, they COULD be hiding something, and it's not fair to those of you who do follow to not have an overall and fair picture to base your opinions on whether or not you decide to follow for any specific day, night, or season.

    To all Cappers who post picks here at The Sometimes some of the pick threads get out of hand regarding thread titles, undocumented claims, and are much to shill like.

    Please adhere to the following simple policies when posting picks. (I know most of the veteran cappers here at The Rx already know this)..

    1. Make no claims that have not been verified by a post prior to the start of each game in the claim that has not been recorded by a post here at The

    2. Keep your thread titles reasonable (or they may get toned down by an edit by an Rx mod). Eg. Sunday's NCAA Hoop selection or Today's NBA Picks etc. are what we are looking for.
    There is no need for posting outrageous claims or creating thread titles that contain undocumented records with ridiculous amounts of units played.

    3. Keep in mind that a lot of inexperienced players read your posts. Please and make pick posts clear, concise and accurate so that all can count on the Rx cappers to post accurate information. Unverified posted records are subject to being moved to Site Promotions.

    4. Cappers with at least 300 posts are welcome to use the Tracker Forum where your record of plays you post in that forum is maintained for you.
    Please read the rules thread if you use the Rx.Tracker Forum. Only thread starters can post in their own threads in that forum so please do not post in anyone elses thread in the Tracker Forum...

    Click on colored link to visit Tracker Forum.

    5. Everyone has a bad day from time to time, please do not start your YTD record over if you have one. Post your YTD record if you want but be honest when you do and kindly always use widely available lines..

    Thank you, Rx. Mod Staff.
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